Identifying Home Addresses Of People That Visited Your Website

If you knew the addresses of houses that went to your website

... would you put something in the post to them?

Here’s an example of someone from 4 Alexandra Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, going to a website and looking through a few pages:

Home address of website visitor identified by geolocation

When you know for sure that someone at a home address has been to your website then all they need is an extra nudge to get them to reach out to you instead of a competitor whose website they have also been to.

That extra nudge comes in the form of you posting something to them within a day of them having visited your website.



See how home address identification works

The video below shows you examples of people from identifiable home addresses who have been to a website, including what they looked at page by page.  To clearly see the detail within the video, please do click on Full screen or the Watch on YouTube options (which both appear on the right after you press play and hover over the bottom of the video).

How to follow up on home addresses that visited your website

Here’s the good news: you know that SOMEONE at a home address has been to your website.

The bad news is that you don’t know which individual person it was.

But there’s still interest from someone at that location, and they may not have made a decision to buy yet.

Your opportunity is to follow up with them before they go to a competitor.

The link below takes you through a few methods of using posted materials to those addresses …

Try it for free and lock out your competitors

How to get your free 30 day trial

To track home addresses of website visitors, you will need to add our tracking code to your website.

This is normally very easy (a two minute task) for your web person to do, but please do ask if you need help.

From the time that tracking code is installed, you will start seeing home addresses of your website visitors (within the portal you get free access to for 30 days).

All you need to do is this:

  1. Be ready to send promotional materials to some of the homes that visited your website.
  2. Fill out the form below so that we can set you up with your tracking code.

Costs if continuing after your free trial

Your free trial gives you the opportunity to prove that you’ll get a good return on investment from identifying homes that visited your website and following up with quality printed materials to those addresses.

After proving that works within the free 30 days, you have a choice to continue on the basis of business sector exclusivity in your geographical area.

Most websites have less than 3,000 visitors per month, which is priced at £70 per month.

There are additional pricing tiers but the costs don’t jump up hugely (e.g. up to 7,000 visitors is £80 per month).

There is no contract – just an ongoing monthly payment that can be cancelled instantly at any time.


Geographical exclusivity

This system provides a huge competitive advantage if you’re a business that wants more sales from people in your geographical area.

That’s why we offer exclusivity for each business sector within each geographical area (which is typically your town and small radius around).

For example, if we had two paying customers who were:

  1. Solar panel installations company in Canterbury
  2. Wedding venue in Canterbury

… we won’t then allow any other solar panel or wedding venue visitors in Canterbury to use our system.

As at 2024 this is very new technology and exclusivity is available for many business types and areas, so it’s a case of first-come, first-served.

If you have any questions about this service, please do contact me.





Testimonials from customers using home addresses identification

Identifying houses interested in solar panel installations

This is by far our highest return on investment from marketing.  Although leaflet drops were lower cost, the response rate was small, probably because we can only say so much in a leaflet.  The packs, delivered to areas that we knew had an interest in solar panels, cost more but we got a lot more enquiries out of them.

Client: Solar panel installations

Location: Essex

See the full case study


Four strong enquiries from hand-posted information packs

Although I normally don’t do postal campaigns, knowing that someone in those areas had been to my website, it felt worth the effort of posting them myself.  To see the results proved that it worked – it’s definitely a strategy I’m keeping to myself!

Client: Financial Advisors

Location: Manchester

See the full case study



More Testimonials

22% of houses identified and followed up by Chiropractor

On the surface it doesn’t make a lot of sense to get packs delivered to people who may only pay for one £35 session.  In reality, those people need multiple sessions and they also tell their friends and family about [practice name removed for confidentiality], which brings in more new customers.   This has been incredibly successful for us and although initially sceptical I’m so pleased to have been proved wrong!

Client: Chiropractor

Location: Kent

See the full case study



Spotting potential wedding clients at their home addresses

I really thought we’d wasted our money on postage initially but when those first enquiries came in and the people referred to the brochure, I knew that it had worked and obviously we’re carrying on with it now.

Client: Wedding Venue

Location: Surrey

See the full case study



More Testimonials

Targeting mortgage-seekers who visited the website

I’m glad we didn’t send generic brochures out.  The targeted nature of our letterbox campaigns clearly worked because we got more enquiries from people who said they’d had something in the post from us.

Client: Mortgage Advisors

Location: Somerset

See the full case study



Identifying high value houses that visited the website

As you know, we started this as an experiment in 2022 and it quickly showed that the brochures worked (because we ask people how they found out about us).  People sometimes remark that it was a strange coincidence that they received a brochure a few days after they were searching for private jet flights.

Client: Private jet broker

Location: UK Nationwide

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