Spotting potential wedding clients at their home addresses

Spotting potential wedding clients at their home addresses

From a small test and a two month gap to prove it worked, this client reaches out to home addresses of potential wedding couples.

Client: Wedding venue
Location: UK, Surrey

Summary of the work

This venue is used for many types of events (mainly corporate)  but has a wedding section of their website and they wanted to know the residential locations of visitors to their wedding pages.

Within the initial free trial we residential-identified 18% of their visitors to those pages, which amounted to 35 visitors in total.

Filtering those residential areas down to locations that the client perceived to have the affordability to book their wedding there, they were left with 14 of the 35 in the first month.   A postal campaign followed, sending their wedding brochure to houses in those desired areas.   Although initial enquiries didn’t start happening for a couple of weeks, the feedback gained was that receiving the introductory brochures through the post was a good coincidence and they had been discussing the brochure options with family before making contact.

This particular client didn’t go ahead to subscribe to the software for over two months because the enquiry to sales cycle was longer for weddings.  They then subscribed to the software when it became clear that the residential tracking and brochure communication activity had led to enquiries.

What they said

I really thought we’d wasted our money on postage initially but when those first enquiries came in and the people referred to the brochure, I knew that it had worked and obviously we’re carrying on with it now.