Identifying houses interested in solar panel installations

Identifying houses interested in solar panel installations

From a test campaign targeting 20 houses who visited their website, this client gained 8 enquiries and hasn’t looked back since.

Client: Solar panel installations
Location: UK, Essex, Sussex, Kent

Summary of the work

Reacting to more competition in the commercial sector, this business had diversified into the domestic market.  Even though they had over 2,300 visitors to their website each month, they converted just under 4% of those to enquiries (on average over a 4 month analysis period).  That left 96% who didn’t engage after visiting the website.

After we installed the software it picked up (in the first month) on the residential locations of 349 of the website visitors that got to their residential solar panel pages.

Because they target three counties it wasn’t feasible to hand-deliver information packs to all those houses so I helped them filter the data down to a smaller number of properties that were of higher value and with less than eight houses in that area.   That gave us 82 areas to target with a postal campaign that contained their information pack.

A test campaign to 20 of those areas had a total cost of £50 (including postage) and generated 3 enquiries in the first week, 4 enquiries in the next week and 1 enquiry in the third week after.  Those total 8 enquiries converted to two immediate sales, proving that the test was worthwhile.

The client then went on to target the others and have since substantially expanded out use of residential visitors tracking.

What they said

This is by far our highest return on investment from marketing.  Although leaflet drops were lower cost, the response rate was small, probably because we can only say so much in a leaflet.  The packs, delivered to areas that we knew had an interest in solar panels, cost more but we got a lot more enquiries out of them.