Four strong enquiries from hand-posted information packs

Four strong enquiries from hand-posted information packs

By identifying 26 residential locations that went to their website, hand-delivered packs gained enquiries within the free trial.

Client: Financial advisors
Location: UK, Manchester

Summary of the work

This local financial advisor wanted to know which households were visiting the wealth management part of their website, so that they could follow up with printed packs sent to home addresses.

The trial month of the software showed them 48 identifiable residential homes that went to the website (out of a total 436 visitors during the month).  That 11% was on the low side (compared to the normal 10-30% identifiable) but identified 26 of the 48 homes that would be worth them targeting.

Avoiding the cost of postage they hand-posted introductory packs at the properties in those locations, knowing that someone at each home had been to their website wealth management page (so may welcome a physical pack of information about their services).

Within a few weeks of the trial, they had received four strong enquiries that referred to the postal pack they had delivered.

What they said

Although I normally don’t do postal campaigns, knowing that someone in those areas had been to my website, it felt worth the effort of posting them myself.  To see the results proved that it worked – it’s definitely a strategy I’m keeping to myself!