Identifying high value houses that visited the website

Identifying high value houses that visited the website

Affluent properties interested in private jet flights who visited the website were then sent glossy brochures to facilitate enquiry levels.

Client: Private jet broker
Location: UK Nationwide

Summary of the work

Many people who charter private jets are at home when they are looking for flight options online.

This client uses residential identification to identify houses that visit their website and, when there are only one or very few houses (of a high value) identified, they send (by signed-for post) glossy brochures to those houses.

With high class printed material to reflect the high quality service they provide, the recipient is more likely to make contact.

What they said

As you know, we started this as an experiment in 2022 and it quickly showed that the brochures worked (because we ask people how they found out about us).  People sometimes remark that it was a strange coincidence that they received a brochure a few days after they were searching for private jet flights.