22% of houses identified and followed up by Chiropractor

22% of houses identified and followed up by Chiropractor

Identifying the pain experienced by their website visitors and knowing where they lived, enabled pain-related information to be posted through their doors

Client: Chiropractor
Location: UK, Kent

Summary of the work

This chiropractic business of four people had reasonable traffic to their website (averaging 788 visitors per month), from people looking at the different ways chiropractic help can ease their pain.

Having used residential tracking for over 8 months, they’re identifying an average of 22% (173 website visitors) per month.

They utilised a local delivery company to target the households that were more attractive to them (typically people living in houses of a certain value), delivering packs that contained an introductory letter followed by printed sheets related to the problems (e.g. sciatica) people were looking at on their website.  This ensured that people opening the packs would see information related to what they had seen on their website.  The packs also contained an introductory discount voucher, which was also used to identify that the source of the new business was from the packs sent out from the residential data collected.

What they said

On the surface it doesn’t make a lot of sense to get packs delivered to people who may only pay for one £35 session.  In reality, those people need multiple sessions and they also tell their friends and family about [practice name removed for confidentiality], which brings in more new customers.   This has been incredibly successful for us and although initially sceptical I’m so pleased to have been proved wrong!