Free Options To Get More ROI From Marketing

8 free services that will help you to get more return on investment from your marketing activities

There are numerous websites that give you free stuff to help with your marketing.

There aren’t so many that focus specifically on helping you achieve a stronger return on your marketing investment.

There are much fewer that offer you 121 help for free.

I believe that I am standalone in the level of free support that I provide (but hey, please do let me know if you see anyone else that does the same!).

Why do I provide all this for free?

Because, even though I’ve huge marketing ROI experience from my work on over 6,000 websites over the past 20 years, you don’t know, like, or trust me.

Trust has to be built.

That’s why I give so much away for free.

You can choose one or more from the options below, depending on where you are right now.

Not sure you need help?

Do you actually need help to get more return on investment from your marketing?

You may think your marketing is doing OK.

You may also trust people who say that your marketing is doing OK.

But you’re not sure.

This free guide gives you an independent, and often revealing insight.

Looking for fastest results?

Free Trial

Using website visitors data combined with experience of working on over 6,000 websites, I give you free insights into the main marketing and conversion challenges (and what to do about them).

One minute call

Free one minute Zoom call that focuses attention on the biggest challenge that’s stopping your marketing getting results from your website visitors.

If the one minute captures your attention, then you have the option to continue for another free 14 minutes of advice.

Building trust in me

How to get 100% GUARANTEED more sales from any product or service on your website

This free PDF download provides you with the golden nuggets of how to substantially increase conversions from your marketing and website pages.

Around the web in 80 mistakes

This video series provides you with up to 80 daily insights into mistakes people make with their online marketing and websites (and how to avoid them).

Website success email newsletter

Every two weeks you’ll receive an email newsletter with a few tips and observations that will help you gain more results from your marketing and website visitors.

This isn’t regurgitated information that you’ll easily find elsewhere – it’s all new content that will challenge your thinking.

Website success clinic

Every two weeks I run a free drop-in website success clinic on Zoom.

If you’re looking for answers that will help you convert more of your marketing and website visitors to sales, then you should find them at one of the clinics.

Knowledge Hub

In the Knowledge Hub you can find many articles focused on increasing return on investment from the marketing that drives visitors to your website.

Go to the Knowledge Hub.