One Minute Call

This free service is for you if you’d like to quickly discuss your question related to getting return on investment from your marketing.

You sharing the marketing you’re doing will allow me to pass back questions and observations related to that marketing, some of which will be light-bulb moments in themselves (for example, I’ve lost track of the numbers who don’t use Google Ads search terms or Google search console effectively).

We can make that a super fast Zoom call (one minute) but you’ll also have the option of an additional free 14 minutes with me if you’d like to explore the marketing further.  You can of course finish the call whenever you want to.

You may want to take notes, or you may want me to record the call for you to refer back to later.

What happens after the free Zoom call?

Hopefully you’ll have some actions to implement (and will then benefit from them).

What you won’t get is a sales pitch or endless emails afterwards – just that opportunity to benefit from my expertise to help you fix anything that’s stopping your marketing from becoming enquiries and sales from your website visitors.

All you need to do is use my booking calendar below to choose the date and time that works for you.