Do you need help to get more return on investment from your marketing?

Whether you do the business marketing yourself or you outsource it externally, it’s rarely easy to get a full picture of whether you’re getting a return on investment.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Not all people will make contact directly after visiting your website via your marketing activities, OR they will later make contact via a different device/location to the one where they first visited (e.g. they initially find your website when working from home and later, on a different device, access your website from their normal work location). This makes it hard to link the enquiry to the source of marketing.
  2. Internal systems don’t accurately record enquiries and sales, making it hard to link them back to marketing sources.
  3. Some marketing efforts are linked to sales months or years later, but the marketing source is lost along the way.

The good news is that you CAN link much of your marketing to enquiries/sales gained, even though it’s never going to be perfect.

There is another problem that gets in the way of marketing getting successful results: underperforming websites.

For example, you can have the best Google Ad campaign in the world, attracting just the right types of clicks, but the website lets you down.

That’s rare though – many Google Ad campaigns, plus other forms of marketing can be problematic and (often accidentally) lose potential business.

What I often hear from people who do the marketing internally

I’m doing [insert marketing types here] and I think I’ve got it right but I’m not 100% sure and would welcome an outside viewpoint.

What I often hear from people who pay external sources for marketing

We do get enquiries and sales, and we do get updates about the marketing but it just feels as if not enough is being achieved – as if they’re missing something.

My response to you if you have any doubts about marketing effectiveness

No-one knows everything!

Whether it’s you or someone external that’s doing your marketing, you or them could be too close to it.

That’s where I can help.

Answering your doubts

Website visitors data is part of the solution – specifically, my software that goes deeper than Google Analytics and provides a strong view of what happens to every website visitor from the moment they land on a website to when they leave.

For example, you can track website visitors who:

  1. Landed from Google Ads (including the keyword they clicked through from) …
  2. … who landed on page X …
  3. … and clicked onto page Y …
  4. … but didn’t get to page Z (the goal page).


Here’s an example of someone who clicked from Google Ads from a search keyword of ‘calming sensory rooms’, spent 35 seconds on that landing page, and then moved through other pages within the website:

Example of a Google Ads visitor moving through the website page by page

I can also track visitors from social media, email marketing campaigns, and anything else that drives visitors to your website.

Here’s the bad news

It’s likely that aspects of your marketing aren’t fully effective, but you’re just not aware of what they are.

Typically, it’s a combination of ok marketing and ok website which can sometimes get a result but nothing like the level of results if it was great marketing combined with a great website.

Here’s the good news

I’m here to help – at no cost to you.

All you need is to have doubts about whether you’re getting a full return on investment (time and financial) from your marketing.

Then all you need is to take advantage of my 30 day free trial.