How to get 100% guaranteed more sales & enquiries from your website marketing

This free PDF is the closest you’ll get to the techniques I’ve used on over 6,000 websites over many years … but without having to pay anything for my consultancy.

It’s designed very much as a self-service guide that covers the core elements that work as part of a jigsaw that will guarantee you more return on investment from your marketing by focusing on the website pages that are blocking conversions to sales and enquiries.

What you get

Here’s what you will get within the 20 page PDF (which also includes links to more detailed guides on pages within my website):

  1. Why it’s important to remove pointless website visitors from your data.
  2. Following up on identifiable companies that visited your website pages.
  3. How to create a better product/service page than all your competitors combined.
  4. Why you need tons of case studies … and in the right places on your website.
  5. Pricing – why you need a pricing page, even when choosing not to show your pricing.
  6. Live chat – free and will help to avoid you losing potential business to competitors.
  7. Video & imagery on your product/service pages – why you need to be ahead of your competitors.
  8. International targeting – why you’re losing potential sales from overseas.

How to get your free guide

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