Paid Website Conversion Resources

When you’ve experienced website success from my free services, you may then want more via the paid services

Website Visitors Tracking Software

Software subscription

If you have experienced my website visitors tracking and identification software then you’ll know that it can provide you with:


  • Information about identifiable companies going to your website
  • Information about residential visitors going to your website
  • Granular detail showing the page by page movements of all your website visitors, including what brought them to your website.

You may not require my consultancy service to help you gain more from your website visitors, but you do like what the software provides you with.

That’s what the low-cost software subscription provides.

Software subscription plus monthly call

This is the same as the software subscription but for a small additional fee includes the option to join a monthly consultancy call for customers only.

Consultancy Support

Group Monthly Mastermind call

Limited to a maximum of 10 non-competing people on a regular monthly Zoom call, the Mastermind is a combination of useful knowledge and hot seats focused on helping strengthen success from individual websites.

121 Monthly or Bi-Monthly Consultancy Call

Either monthly or bi-monthly, these 121 Zoom consultancy sessions focus on the next actions needed to increase conversions from your website visitors and marketing.

Fastest Results Consultancy

Designed for businesses that want fast increases in business from website visitors, and are happy to pay for consultancy expertise that’s guaranteed to make a difference.

These are either tightly defined projects focused on desired outcomes, or ongoing retainer arrangements where my expertise is exchanged for paid consultancy designed to get results.