Monthly Mastermind Call

My monthly Mastermind calls are for groups of up to 10 people from non-competing business sectors.

This means that people can talk openly without concern that a competitor may be in the room, and all Mastermind calls are on the basis that what’s said in the room stays in the room.

They run every month during normal working hours and there are groups for each timezone covered (Europe, USA).

Each participant will be keen to gain more results from their websites and marketing.

You do not need to have a software subscription to be part of the Mastermind, although it does help because website visitors data does help to confirm where weaknesses and opportunities are.

The structure of the Mastermind calls is:

  1. Lesson of the month. This covers 10-15 minutes and is me sharing knowledge that will benefit everyone in the room.  It covers a range of topics that all related to gaining more results from websites and the marketing that drives traffic to those websites.
  2. Hot seats – these are questions raised by participants and everyone has the opportunity to provide feedback. I pick up on any useful advice that hasn’t already been covered by others in the group.  The collective viewpoints on the hot seat question leave the participant with plenty of actionable tasks that will help them gain more from their website.

While you don’t have to participate every month, most people do because they don’t want to miss out on information that they can use to benefit their own websites.


Mastermind is priced at £60/$70 per month, which is paid by automated card payment each month.  It can be cancelled instantly at any time.  If you don’t attend a Mastermind session then your payment is still made.

Your first Mastermind session is free and can be taken as soon as there is a group available that doesn’t have a business sector that clashes with yours.

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Please use the form below to express interest in Mastermind and I will contact you about future dates and availability for you to join your initial free session.