Monthly or bi-monthly consultancy call

This is a 121 call with me for 45 minutes via Zoom, on a date that you choose from my calendar.

The cost is £80/$90 per call and they can be monthly or bi-monthly.

This costs more than the monthly mastermind calls because it’s 121 (vs group) and the focus is purely on your business.

What you get

The purpose of these calls is for you to have plenty of insights and actions to implement before the next call.   All those insights and actions are laser focused on you gaining stronger results from your website visitors and marketing, therefore guaranteeing to eclipse the costs of participation.

My objective is also to get you to the point where you don’t need the calls anymore but you can of course cancel instantly at any point anyway.

You would likely be interested in these calls if you have already benefited from any of these free services I provide to prove that you will gain more website success with my assistance:

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One minute call

Website success clinic

Sign up

Please use the form below to express your interest in monthly or bi-monthly Zoom calls with me.

I will then contact you to arrange setup of payment (which is taken automatically each month/bi-monthly), plus the calendar link to book in our first call.