Pay as you go residential visitors information

If you’re here, you’ll likely have already benefited from the free 30 day trial or the free 300 visitors tracked per month, so you know what the software provides.

BUT, although you like the idea of identifying residential visitors that go to your website, you may not be so keen on filtering through to just those residential locations of interest to you.


How the pay as you go service works

  1. You choose the types of residential property that you are interested in.   For example, only properties in specific locations or valued higher than a specific amount.
  2. My people do the manual work of filtering your website visitors data to identify only those matching your preferences.
  3. Each matching lead gets emailed to you directly.


Pricing works on a credits basis, with you topping up your credits when wanting more leads.

Most customers keep a credits balance of 30-50 £/S

Each lead that matches your desired pattern uses one of your credits at a cost of 90p/$1 per lead.

When you are running low on credits you will be notified by email.


Comparing to the monthly subscription

As a pay as you go residential visitors customer, you don’t pay a monthly fee (from £40/$50, depending on numbers of website visitors), but you instead keep a balance that decreases as you receive targeted leads.  Your credits roll on for as long as they’re unused.

If you have more than 50 leads per month then you may find it more cost-effective to use the normal monthly subscription as long as you are happy to filter the data yourself.

While pay as you go is more expensive (because it’s utilising my people to manually sift through your residential visitors to find only those that match your requirements), it saves on your personal time, which is valued at more than the rates I pay my data processing resources.


How to tell if this is right for you

Hopefully you have already trialled one of the free residential tracking services, as you will need that to then discuss the best option for you.

At that point you would book a Zoom call with me so that we can look at your data and calculate how many leads you would typically get, depending on your specific requirements of the residential visitors.


Book a call with me

To discuss the best solution for you (which may or may not be the pay as you go residential option), please book in a Zoom call with me via my calendar below.