Free identification of residential visitors to your website

Would you ACTUALLY follow up on knowing the home address of visitors to your website?

That’s an important question because it sounds like a great idea, but would you actually take action?

Many of my customers get a free email each week that includes an Excel attachment showing the identifiable home addresses of website visitors, wherever those people were worldwide.  Here’s an example:

Excel view of geolocated addressess that visited a website

Some of those website visitors are of interest to them and my customers use a variety of methods to follow up with those visitors.

However, the information is only as useful as what you do with it.

What you get

Every week you receive an email containing a spreadsheet that shows you the identifiable home addresses of people that visited your website, and what they looked at page by page.

That continues each week until you’ve had a total of 300 overall visitors (not just residential visitors) tracked within the month, which will normally be 10-30% of the 300.

The video below shows you what you get within the free service (and also how to get more, if you want that).

To clearly see the detail within the video, please do click on Full screen or the Watch on YouTube options (which both appear on the right after you press play and hover over the bottom of the video).

If you have less than 300 website visitors each month then you’ll get emails every week.

What’s needed to set it up?

After you sign up you will receive an email that asks you to reply to confirm that you will be able to get the tracking code installed on your website.

After you’ve confirmed I will send your unique tracking code to you.

It’s that tracking code which enables the software to identify your website visitors (either as residential visitors, companies, or non-identifiable).

Installing that tracking code is a two minute task and there’s a choice of methods to do that, which you can see here.

Why give this to you for free?

Two reasons:

  1. If it turns out that you’re not going to act on the visiting residential visitors information then it’s cost you nothing to find out.
  2. Some of you will utilise the information and benefit from it.  You would then have the option to carry on using just the free level or upgrade to the low-cost paid service that delivers you residential visitor leads every day throughout the month.


How to sign up

To start receiving your free weekly email of residential visitors to your website, just complete the form below.