Companies Tracking 30 day Free Trial

30 free days of identifying companies that visit your website

If you’re on this page then you should have committed to following up on companies that you know have visited your website.

Many of those companies won’t have made contact with you and so you’ll be keen to reach out to them before they go off to your competitor.

You won’t know the name of the person from the company that visited your website, but you will hopefully have resources that take the attitude of: “we know they’re interested in what we offer and so we will do whatever we can to regain their interest after they left our website”.

How is this different to the other free service?

This free 30 day trial is different to the 300 visitors per month service because it’s designed for those who have already committed to maximising value from the free 30 days, and who are possibly going to want to continue utilising that information ongoing via the paid service.


What you get

  1. You receive an email every day (instead of each week), so that you can react to identifiable companies faster.
  2. The emails continue until the end of your free 30 days.
  3. You have access to a portal that lets you access more information related to each website visitor.
  4. You get offered a free 20 minute Zoom call with me to help you gain the most from your website visitors information.


The video below shows you what you receive each day, and how you can fully utilise that information within your free 30 days.

To clearly see the detail within the video, please do click on Full screen or the Watch on YouTube options (which both appear on the right after you press play and hover over the bottom of the video).

What’s needed to set it up?

After you sign up you will receive an email that asks you to reply to confirm that you will be able to get the tracking code installed on your website.

After you’ve confirmed that I will send your unique tracking code to you.

It’s that tracking code which enables the software to identify your website visitors (either as companies, organisations, or non-identifiable).

Installing that tracking code is a two minute task and there’s a choice of methods to do that, which you can see here.

Why give this to you for free for 30 days?

Two reasons:

  1. Sometimes it seems like a good idea but factors (e.g. internal sales culture, lack of resources, lack of website visitors) result in it being something that just wouldn’t work for you.  It’s better to find that out within a free 30 days than if paying for such a service.
  2. Some of you will utilise the information and benefit from it. You would then have the option to upgrade to the low-cost paid service that delivers you the same information ongoing for as long as you want it to.

How to sign up

To start receiving your free daily email of companies visiting your website, just complete the form below.