Thank you for signing up for the free trial

Here’s what happens next

  1. I email you a piece of tracking code to add to your website.  This is our own Web Success Insights tracking code, which tracks every individual visitor to your website.  If you’re familiar with Google Analytics then this is better, while being much easier to understand.
  2. When that tracking code has been installed by you or your web developer (a two minute task, detailed here) your 30 day free trial period begins.
  3. The website visitors data collected will provide me with information about all your website visitors, including:
    • What brought each visitor to the website
    • What each visitor looked at page by page
    • Where visitors stopped engaging with the website
    • (where identifiable) the names of businesses and geolocated visitors (including home addresses) that visited your website.

What happens after that

  1. Within two weeks of website visitors data collection, there will normally be enough data for us to discuss.  At that stage I send you an invitation to book in a (free) Zoom call with me.
  2. On the date of our Zoom call I take you through what your website visitors data is actually saying about:
  • Where you are losing most potential enquiries/sales
  • What you can do to fix the problem(s).
  • You will then have actions that, when implemented, will lead to stronger enquiries.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please do contact me.