Seeing which courses existing clients looked at on the website

Seeing which courses existing clients looked at on the website

Creating separate reports to show non-client companies visiting the website, plus another report showing what courses clients looked at.

Client: Online corporate training courses
Location: UK Nationwide

Summary of the work

This business has a website that caters for existing customers (logging into the training portal) and new visitors looking for a range of training courses available to buy for multiple staff.

The software enabled them to tag customers they knew and have a daily report showing only those that they hadn’t already tagged as customers.  That enabled them to focus on the new potential customers from identifiable companies without having to look through all their website visitors.

They also created a separate report that focuses on just those existing customers who went to pages other than the training portal login page.  That information is reviewed by their customer care person who could identify when existing customers have looked at other training courses.  Armed with that knowledge, the client could then contact their clients and engineer the conversation onto the training course(s) that they were looking at, knowing that there’s already an interest.

What they said

Being aware of what courses our customers are looking at has been very useful because it lets us reach out to them while those courses are fresh in their minds.