Revisiting blogs to focus on relevant content plus conversions from clicks

Revisiting blogs to focus on relevant content plus conversions from clicks

£600 monthly spend on a blog content writer wasn’t getting results  until I identified holes in the content strategy, plus the need to focus more on conversions from clicks.

Type of Consultancy: Blogging return on investment
Client: Warehouse Management System software provider
Location: UK, Nationwide
Time Billed: 2 hours

Summary of the work

Having been advised (not by me!) that it was a good idea to produce a blog every week, this warehouse management system software business had been spending £600 per month on a content writer to produce and upload that content.

When I looked at their website visitors data and the content itself it was clear to me that they had three problems:

  1. Some of the content was too far off the path of what they provide as a core service.
  2. The content that was more relevant didn’t have clear calls to action to take people off to other parts of their website.
  3. The levels of visitors to the content was too low.

The client is now focusing the content writer on a “what’s the relevance to our service?” brief for content, plus are now ensuring that each blog is actively promoted on LinkedIn plus they are repurposing some of the content as part of printed mail campaigns to target customers.

What they said

It was only when we had a lull in business that we started looking at our website visitors data.  Thank you for taking us through the articles traffic (or lack of!) – it was good to have fresh eyes on something that we hadn’t realised.