Rescue of a Google Ads campaign wasting nearly £600 per month

Rescue of a Google Ads campaign wasting nearly £600 per month

I identified that an agency had set up a Google Ads campaign without paying attention to search terms, leading to huge wastage of clicks budget.

Type of Consultancy: Google Ads rescue
Client: Building scanning services
Location: UK, Nationwide
Time Billed: 3.25 hours

Summary of the work

This client had a website that needed minimal strengthening, but were getting very poor results from their £1.2K per month Google Ads spend.

Their agency had set up a large Google Ads account with multiple campaigns but had failed to closely monitor the search terms that triggered the ads.  One example alone identified wastage of nearly £600 per month on being visible for searches for ‘3d baby scan’ because they had a keyword of ‘3d scan’ and no negative keywords.

I helped them to strip back the campaign to the core keyword phrases most likely to convert to enquiries, and implemented a regular review of keywords to add as negatives.

What they said

At first I was spitting feathers that we were paying them for account maintenance and they hadn’t picked up on those (now obvious) wasted clicks.   Now I see that we can’t just rely on someone to do a good job and to routinely check our Google Ads in the way you showed us.