Replacing two ineffective sales people with one proactive one

Replacing two ineffective sales people with one proactive one

Identifying sales culture weaknesses via identified companies that could be followed up after visiting the website, resulting in staff changes and more results.

Client: Paper rolling machinery supplier
Location: UK, Nationwide

Summary of the work

My contact at this company came fresh into a business that (in his words, but I agreed) were living in the dark ages.

They had no CRM, no enquiries logging, and very little idea of how website visitors interacted with their website.

The business were over 110 years old, had a recognised brand, but were starting to see declines in business.

The software gave them many advantages but it also helped to uncover an opportunity to replace their sales staff with people who would be more proactive.

During the free trial their previous sales staff refused to follow up on companies that they could see had visited the website.  They employed an extra sales person who did follow up, hoping that the other two staff would follow.  The results of the new person spoke for themselves and the business realised that they only needed one proactive sales person instead of the others who  weren’t getting results.

What they said

I have managed to make such an impact since joining and I’m now involved in some of the management meetings because they can see that I’ve ensured new business has been gained, and new processes implemented.  Your software has helped in that, so thank you.