Manufacturing Website Strategy Development

Manufacturing Website Strategy Development

Management reluctance to including case studies and testimonials was causing wasted Google Ads spend.  I proved that anonymous case studies still had value, increasing enquiries by 24% in the two months after work was completed.

Type of Consultancy: Website strategy redevelopment
Client: Metal products manufacturer
Location: Midlands, UK
Time Billed: 7.75 hours

Summary of the work

This client was getting poor results from Google Ads, caused by a website that was being held back by senior management who were reluctant to focus on what their customers wanted to see: case studies and testimonials from clients of their services.

Initially using website visitors data to prove that the website was failing to convert clicks to enquiries, I worked with the client to re-centre the website around case studies related to each service they provide.

Each service offered was supported by a minimum of nine case studies (some of which were anonymous due to confidentiality requirements) related to that service, demonstrating expertise in those areas.

My involvement was purely at the strategic level, helping shape the mindset of the client and working with their web developer who implemented the recommended changes.

What they said

Less than two months after the website was redeveloped, and changing nothing in the budget or form of the Google Ads, this is what the client said:

“There was a lot of opposition from some of our team, who were reluctant to use any form of case studies, but the combination of identifiable clients and anonymous case studies has clearly got results very fast.   Compared to this time last year our enquiries are up by 24% at a time where our industry is going through economic challenges, which can only be as a result of those changes to the website”.