Increasing sales after sending information packs to identifiable schools

Increasing sales after sending information packs to identifiable schools

Being the only company that followed up identifiable schools that went to their website, this client hugely benefited.

Client: Sensory room installations
Location: UK, Nationwide

Summary of the work

This client experienced a decline in business after a competitor improved their own online visibility.  That set them on a path to build a better pipeline.

Part of that pipeline was having a view of the schools (and other locations that needed sensory rooms and equipment) going to their website, so that they could reach out to them before they chose a competitor.

They took the proactive approach of identifying visiting schools and sent them information packs that included information related to the pages they had viewed on their website.   They then followed these packs up with phone calls to ensure they had arrived and offered follow up calls to further discuss the projects

What they said

Although it’s taken time to improve our positioning above [competitor name removed for confidentiality], we realised that they can’t be tracking schools going to their website because we’ve had plenty of feedback that we were the only company to send them information packs through the post, and that the packs were useful to pass around to staff and governors.  This proves that it’s all about thinking smarter in business.