Increasing conversions by showing examples of the software

Increasing conversions by showing examples of the software

A strong software product wasn’t being effectively portrayed via short example videos of how the product solves the challenges of the target customers.

Type of Consultancy: Product strength clarification
Client: Specifications Management software provider
Location: UK, Surrey
Time Billed: 5.25 hours

Summary of the work

This client has an amazing product that makes it easy for food and drink providers to manage the whole process of labelling their products.

The problem was that their website was focusing on what they could help with, but wasn’t providing evidence of how the software actually works.

We worked together and mapped out all the possible challenges people may have and then matched them to how the software helps solve those challenges.

Those answers then became a series of many short (less than 2 minutes each) videos, each of which focused on one challenge and showed how to use the software to avoid that problem.

The impact was fast and quickly resulted in enquiries from larger companies than the client had previously worked with.

What they said

We had followed how [competitor name removed], [competitor name removed], and [competitor name removed] presented their software on their websites.

In hindsight we needed to be leading the market in our approach to impressing potential customers.  I expect they’ll copy us now so we’ll just have to keep innovating!