Identifying the real competitors led to the right focus on website changes

Identifying the real competitors led to the right focus on website changes

I highlighted how the client perception of their competitors was different to the reality of other competitors who had stronger Google positioning.  My work focused on website changes needed to ensure that their website was stronger and better-positioned by the newly identified competitors.

Type of Consultancy: Competitors analysis and recommendations
Client: Law firm
Location: London, UK
Time Billed: 6.5 hours

Summary of the work

Partners of the legal firm had a perception of who their competitors were.  My work with their marketing manager identified that six of their perceived competitors were poorly positioned in Google and an additional eight other companies were their true competitors placed higher than them in the organic results.

My analysis included insights into the strengths of those competitors websites and resulted in a detailed plan of website development activity that the client could implement in line with time restrictions.

Client time to implement actions was slower than hoped, which resulted in it taking seven months (instead of the recommended four months) to implement all the actions that saw them jump above three of their competitors in Google results and on the path to continue work on further optimisation.

What they said

It shows that a fresh pair of eyes is sometimes important and it was your presentation showing our positioning for [keyword phrase omitted] as being below those of [names of competitors omitted] that several in this firm took more notice.

I’m not going to pretend that it’s easy doing all the work needed to beat our competitors in Google but each victory keeps us spurred on to achieve more of the same.