Identifying law firms interested in expert content

Identifying law firms interested in expert content

Law firms impressed by expert content were then contacted if they weren’t already instructing these barristers

Client: Barristers Chambers
Location: UK, Kent, London

Summary of the work

These barristers invested much time and effort into ensuring that their website was highly visible when people searched Google for terminology related to legal cases.   They went from a website that had under 700 visitors per month to having over 8,000 visitors per month, mainly to their highly-visible content.

Where companies identification became relevant was in identifying many of those 8,000 visitors as being law firms interested in those topics.  By identifying those law firms that don’t already use their barristers, they were able to reach out to them, having already demonstrated expertise via their website.

What they said

We’re quite proud of stepping outside the somewhat reactive nature of our sector and now, over 4 years, have created a 24% increase in the number of law firms that use us for their more complex client cases.