High traffic blog landing pages failing to convert to enquiries

High traffic blog landing pages failing to convert to enquiries

Highly popular article landing pages needed my input to enable them to  convert more visitors to enquiries.

Type of Consultancy: Blog conversions
Client: Law firm
Location: UK, Manchester
Time Billed: 4.75 hours

Summary of the work

This law firm had successfully achieved very strong Google rankings for over 50 of the articles they posted on their website.  Ranging from a low of 25 to a high of 1,300+ people landing on those pages each month, the problem was that they weren’t getting enquiries from all that great traffic.

After analysing their Google Search Console data (to see the actual keywords that people used to find their articles), we identified that 32 of the articles were bringing the right types of people to the website.

The key problems (now resolved) were:

  1. The legal articles were not backed up with examples of how they had helped many clients within each specific area of law.
  2. There was no clear call to action for people to make contact directly from the article pages.

What they said

The legal sector does not typically self-promote too heavily but you’ve shown us (by the noticeable increases in enquiries over the past two months) that there is a happy medium where we can demonstrate our expertise without appearing to be too salesy.