Front loading SEO work to prove results and continue working

Front loading SEO work to prove results and continue working

A conflict between client budget and SEO providers quoting £750-1,000 per month led to me working with this client who needed more flexibility.

Type of Consultancy: SEO
Client: Customs clearance company
Location: UK, Manchester
Time Billed: Ongoing £330 per month retainer

Summary of the work

Previously reliant only on Google Ads to bring new traffic to their website, this client wanted ‘free’ Google traffic.

Their budget didn’t stretch to the amounts they had been quoted by others (£750-1,000 per month for a 6 month contract) so I agreed to focus them on just one service area (importing flowers) on the basis that we would see initial results within two months before continuing to increase that visibility for relevant keyword search phrases.

I invested much more of my time (than charged) in the first two months, feeling it was important to prove the difference I could make.  That got us to visibility top of page 2 of Google (from nowhere before) and was enough for the client to continue working with me to raise that positioning further.

As part of this process, much work was also applied to ensuring that the website itself was fully capable of converting search traffic to enquiries.

What they said

I value people who are prepared to put in more effort than they get paid for, and don’t understand why others don’t do it.   Our progress may have been slower than if I’d paid the higher fees to [name removed] or [name removed] but I prefer it this way.