10K software deal potential from identifying a company

10K software deal potential from identifying a company

This software services company identified companies visiting their website and followed up with those who hadn’t made contact.

Client: IT Enterprise Business Solutions
Location: Wales

Summary of the work

After struggling to find a cost-effective solution that would identify names of companies that visited the website, this client trialled and then continued with the software, having been disappointed by the approach of other providers.

The visitors to the website would always be from businesses that had a certain type of software that was at end of life and they need help in migrating to another solution.

By identifying those companies who clearly had a requirement, this client uses traditional methods (mainly the phone) to contact those companies.

While not always getting past the receptionist gatekeeper, one particular success was being passed onto the right contact and having the opportunity of a £10K deal for a multi-branch operation.



What they said

I had spent a number of years on my website content and SEO but I found it frustrating not knowing which companies website visitors were from.

After exploring several providers of monitoring software, I often found their approach overly assertive and their promises somewhat exaggerated.  However, my experience with Andy  was refreshingly different as he offered a grounded overview of capablities of the software he provides, aligning well with my requirements.

Initially, I spent time understanding the patterns of our site’s visitors, focusing on the nature of the content they engaged with. While much of our content serves to inform rather than sell, identifying pages with a sales focus allowed us to notice an uptick in interest.  Utilising the software alongside other SEO tools, I gained insights into market interests, guiding me to craft content that resonated more deeply with my audience.

The ability to pinpoint the businesses visiting our site proved invaluable and altough initial outreach attempts were met with some resistance at the receptionist level, persistence paid off.  A breakthrough occurred when we identified a visitor interested in software we knew was being phased out and contacting them led to a conversation with the company’s managing director, revealing a significant business opportunity potentially worth over £10,000.

In summary, Andy and his software has revolutionised my approach to online marketing, transforming my website into a powerful lead generation tool.  It offers a strategic advantage by providing crucial insights into our visitors, enabling targeted content creation and outreach.  For those looking to enhance their digital marketing efforts, I highly recommend Andy for both the software and also his extensive knowledge.